I want to take a moment to post a review on this class. If we had a rating system, I would say 5 stars. Reasons.... I have had several email conversation which I always received a prompt, helpful and polite response. I had an issue with the DVDs which was taken care of immediately. As far as class content.... I feel like everything is explained very well and I like the practice sessions. I have been going thru the info in my order but I do like how emails are sent out each week setting up a curriculum. The additional downloads of info has really been helpful and of course the fb group adds to it. I came very close to not taking this class. In glad I did.

- Kari Pape (United States)

*****Five star rating. You are truly inspirational and your passion comes through in your entire approach via your emails, in fact everything that you share. Your dancing is so graceful like a Goddess. Infectious. I love watching you.

- Karen Aaron

I absolutely love Acushla's Art of Tribal Belly Dance Online Lessons. Acushla is very intuitive to my needs as a belly dancer. Her style of dance is very unique and fun to learn. The camera angles and description make it easy to follow. Also, if I have any questions, Acushla is very quick to respond in a manner that is very genuine and gracious. She offers a world of useful information that is not limited to belly dance. Acushla is a beautiful performer and I am very pleased that she is so open to sharing her knowledge and experience.

- Keli NM (United States)

Exactly what I needed! A discovery for me was arythimc steps / movements. I was familiar with the concept from ATS (took classes but never really danced it more than in the classroom) but somehow when I saw you presenting them in quite organized way I literally felt this light bulb over my head lightening up and I realized now I will get the possibility to dance to music I love that I pushed aside for some reasons.

- Kajsa Tryzell