Teacher Training

I am very excited to be offering teacher training for the Bellydance Blueprint! I’ve always loved training and supporting dancers who are ready to take the next step to start teaching, or who are already established teachers and are looking for another challenge and an inspiring new way to create a more rich and creative class experience for their students.

Teacher training is offered for Level One and Level Two. I suggest starting with Level One first and see how you find the process.


To apply, please email me:

A link to one of your recent performances, including your name, country and brief history of your dance experience. Also include why you would like to teach the Blueprint as a part of your class curriculum.

  • As a part of teacher training you will be required to record each of the set challenges which are shown at the end of the Focus Element videos. These videos will need to be uploaded to either YouTube or Vimeo and send me the links. If this isn’t possible please contact me to discuss other options.

  • You will also be required to create a choreography (minimum of 3 minutes) using the Bellydance Blueprint formula. You are free to incorporate any of the work you create from the challenge sections.

  • Skype sessions to discuss how to plan classes that align with your intentions. After which you will be required to create your own lesson plan.

Teacher Training Information Pack

Download your Teacher training info pack!


Learn how to balance action with energy intention, to get the results you want for your dance school!

While action is vital to get stuff done and achieve your goals, your process will be far smoother and easier if you have aligned your energy intention (or vibration) with what you are trying to achieve. It may sound a bit 'out there' but believe me, if you want lasting results there has to be a balance!

  • The Business of Bellydance

    Learn practical ways to increase class numbers and tools to get organised

  • Understanding your 'why'

    Learn how getting clear on ‘why you teach’ is vital to staying aligned with your purpose

  • Ongoing support

    A part of my life purpose is to inspire and support others, so I’m super excited to work with you!

Learn how to empower your students!

Understanding why women (some men!) come along to classes is the key to creating an environment that has them become lifelong students. By being clear about your intentions and coming from a place of authenticity, you will attract the perfect "fit" students who will be a pleasure to teach!