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Full Course Vs Online Temple Space membership

Full Online Course

*When you sign up for the Full Online course you will receive ALL videos and learning resources from both level one & two of the Bellydance Blueprint immediately.

*This option is perfect if you want to get stuck into it straight away and not have to wait for each video to be uploaded (One video each fortnight, at least).

*There is a one off payment which gives you access to all videos for life

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Online Temple Space Membership

*This is an ongoing membership space where literally ALL of my work will be included with at least 2 videos (15-30 min each) added each month

*This is perfect if you like to have a bit of structure to learning and some breathing space in betweeen the videos

*It is also for those wanting guidance and insights into living your purpose, reigniting your passion and stepping into your flow! I will be including videos and exercises to facilitate this process for you.

*An affordable fee on $14 USD per month with access to all videos for life

The Online Temple Space is opening its doors soon....



The Bellydance Blueprint was created to inspire dancers to tap into their own inner source for inspiration. It helps to provide an understanding into how unique movement is created and is for bellydancers who thrive in learning new ways to move, to craft choreography and to those who desire to feel confident in becoming skilful at layering movement.

This intensive program will transform your perception as a creative belly dancer!

The Bellydance Blueprint aims to provide a thorough understanding of good body mechanics and muscular understanding and how it directly relates to the core of Middle Eastern Dance movement and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance.

I started creating this format back in 2012/13. My aim is to empower dancers to find their own style and to tap into the joy of creating their own work that feels alive! I believe that the process of creating your own work that feels authentic and aligned with who you are, is the key to feeling empowered, fulfilled and consistently inspired, which is the key to maintaining regular practice.

The teaching methodology has been developed as a result of 12 years experience in American Tribal Style Belly Dance (certified ATS teacher), Tribal Fusion as well as incorporating key concepts from Classical belly dance and Classical Indian Dance (Bharatanatyam).