Welcome ūüôā Thanks for stopping by! Here is where you will find all of my latest offerings of holistic online tribal fusion bellydance classes, courses as well as my latest membership space. Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions! Acushla x


The Online Temple Space membership

A ongoing membership that ignites mastery of creative bellydance movement and technique while learning how to tap into your passion, purpose and flow states! You get access to an entire library of lessons including the Belly dance Blueprint, The Art of Tribal Bellydance and Belly Bliss, plus holistic topics that will inspire, transform and reignite your passion for dance and life! I am constantly creating new lessons which are added every 1-2 weeks. $15USD/month  CLICK HERE

The Bellydance Blueprint intensive course

This course inspires fusion bellydancers and teachers who want a guaranteed formula to craft choreography, develop skills in layering, and feel more confident in their authentic expression. I help dancers unlock their creative flow and develop mastery fast!

The tribal fusion bellydance blueprint provides a step by step process to diversify your movement and tap into flow! 18 hours of lessons for $117USD where you have access to all lessons for life!  CLICK HERE

The Art of Tribal Bellydance course

Learn how to become powerful tribal belly dancers through embracing power and grace in your movement. This course includes both Level 1 & 2 steps and combinations that can be used for improvised tribal style or choreography. A Thorough body balance section teaching you qi gong, meridian exercises and more! 4 hours of lessons for $33USD access to all lessons for life! CLICK HERE

Belly Bliss Course

Learn to feel more feminine and empowered with smooth and muscular serpentine movements of belly dance! This divine feminine quality of belly dance is what infuses power and diversity. Tribal Fusion is known for its dynamic contrast between serpentine like movement (which have a yin quality) along with the more yang quality of sharp hits and locks. In this 90 minute course you will activate the serpent within!

8 lessons (90mins) $19USD CLICK HERE


A bit about my latest offering!.....The Bellydance Blueprint inspires fusion bellydancers to tap into their own inner source for inspiration. It helps to provide an understanding into how unique movement is created and is for those who thrive in learning new ways to move, to craft choreography and want to develop mastery fast! 

Unlike other courses that teach their own style and combos, i teach a blueprint that guides you to feel confident in creating your own authentic powerful work and I have been on this mission of empowering dancers all over the world for over 15 years.

This intensive program will transform your perception as a creative belly dancer!

 I believe that the process of creating your own work that feels authentic and aligned with who you are, is the key to feeling empowered, fulfilled and consistently inspired, which is the key to maintaining regular practice.

The teaching methodology has been developed as a result of 13 years experience in American Tribal Style Belly Dance (certified ATS teacher), Tribal Fusion as well as incorporating key concepts from Classical belly dance and Classical Indian Dance (Bharatanatyam). After releasing one of Australia's first tribal bellydance DVD series, I have helped thousands of women all over the world develop and learn holistic approaches to their practice.