Do you yearn to feel comfortable in your own skin and would love to unlock your internal energy flow to feel more feminine and empowered?

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Embody the Feminine Energy of Smooth & Fluid Muscular Isolations!


You are about to start feeling more flow, control and power with the more smooth and juicy belly dance movements!

This divine feminine quality of belly dance is what infuses power and diversity to a performance. Tribal Fusion is known for its dynamic contrast between serpentine like movement (which have a yin quality) along with the more yang quality of sharp hits and locks.

As a tribal fusion belly dancer, I feel it is important to balance and express each of these forces, and by embodying both, you will feel the balancing effect not only in your dance practice but also on an internal level.


Welcome to Belly Bliss!

I filmed these videos when I was 6 months pregnant with my second son Jivan. It is currently a component of an exclusive Holistic Pregnancy program "Woman in Bloom". The content is so rich and valuable that I am now making the belly dance component available to all woman from the beginner to the more experienced dancer!

Benefits and Bonuses

This Course is perfect for you if:

  • You are a belly dancer who would like to master the soft, juicy and fluid isolations of tribal fusion, with a focus on transitions.
  • You are ready to rekindle your passion for belly dance after having a break, due to a busy life or illness. The focus of these videos is a nurturing and gentle approach to getting back into your body and power up your inner energy flow.
  • You are pregnant and would like to feel more empowered during your pregnancy and birth.
  • You find it difficult getting to classes and would like the flexibility to learning online with support along the way.
  • You love belly dance and you want to learn as much as you can!

A download of the complete video course is included in the price!

View the videos on your smartphone or computer, or even burn them to DVD. The video downloads are included in the price and enable you to view the course without being connected to the internet!

Easily accessible online videos to view at any time for LIFE!

All of the videos are hosted on the Vimeo platform on a secure membership site that you will have access to any time you like.. For life!  You can go at your own pace and revisit the videos at a convenient time for you.

Ongoing support along the way with fast responses to any questions you may have

I love to connect with the women who learn from me, whether it is in person or online. When you study with me I am right there to answer any questions through email or in the Tribal Junkie Closed Facebook group.

Flexible. Affordable. Online


Here Is What You Get When You Get Started Today...

Course Content

  1. x8 tutorial videos filmed in HD (1 hour & 38 mins) PLUS free video downloads of ALL content.
  2. A downloadable Guided Relaxation to start feeling more flow and peace in your life.
  3. Learn the skill of knowing exactly what muscles to use in each isolation pattern, so you can master the fluid sensuous movements of Belly Bliss!
  4. Snakey Muscle Isolations, combinations & Practice drills so you can activate the feminine flow in your energy centres!
  5. Learn how to transition between each isolation pattern so you feel confident creating your own combinations.
  6.  A choreography incorporating the four isolation combinations plus new movement sequences to the track "Whisper Hungarian in my ear" by Dan Cantral.
  7. Solo performance demonstrating the choreography you will have learnt PLUS my own sacred pregnancy performance.
  8. Online support and free critique on your technique (conditions apply)

Money Back Guarantee!

I am so confident that you will be satisfied with the lessons that I am offering a 14 day money back guarantee- so you take no risk!


Belly Bliss Online Course

(includes download of all tutorial videos PLUS the audio guided relaxation)



  ‘Belly Bliss Online Course’ + ‘The Art of Tribal Online Course’ 




Can I download the content to my computer? +

Yes! When you purchase the online course, there is a 'Download' section in, where I will provide you with a link and password so you can download all of the videos to your computer or smartphone. This means you can "Learn on the Go" and view the lessons without having to be connected to the internet.

What level is this course designed for? +

Belly Bliss is perfect for the beginner or the Intermediate level Belly Dancer.

There are three levels:

Level One: Muscle Isolations

Level Two: Muscle Isolation Combinations & Turns

Level Three: Choreography

There are plenty of practice Drills in each section

I am not very coordinated and feel uncomfortable in my body, is it right for me? +

Yes! This course is designed for woman to feel more comfortable in their own bodies, to learn to move in a sensual and feminine way as well as enhancing energy flow throughout the body.