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The Bellydance Blueprint was created to inspire dancers to tap into their own inner source for inspiration. It helps to provide an understanding into how unique movement is created and is for bellydancers who thrive in learning new ways to move, to craft choreography and to those who desire to feel confident in becoming skilful at layering movement.

This intensive program will transform your perception as a creative belly dancer!

The Bellydance Blueprint aims to provide a thorough understanding of good body mechanics and muscular understanding and how it directly relates to the core of Middle Eastern Dance movement and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance.

I started creating this format back in 2012/13. My aim is to empower dancers to find their own style and to tap into the joy of creating their own work that feels alive! I believe that the process of creating your own work that feels authentic and aligned with who you are, is the key to feeling empowered, fulfilled and consistently inspired, which is the key to maintaining regular practice.

The teaching methodology has been developed as a result of 12 years experience in American Tribal Style Belly Dance (certified ATS teacher), Tribal Fusion as well as incorporating key concepts from Classical belly dance and Classical Indian Dance (Bharatanatyam).

How it all works

The Bellydance Blueprint "ingredients"

The first videos include all of the bellydance blueprint "ingredients". These are the foundational elements that when combined in various way, create combinations with a specific 'Focus Element'. The ingredients include:

  • Muscle isolations
  • Arm patterns and poses
  • Foot patterns
  • Turns
  • Foot positions
  • Stage directions

The Focus Elements

The five focus elements include:

  1. Muscle Focus
  2. Shape Focus
  3. Turn Focus
  4. Shimmy Focus
  5. Travel Focus

In each of the Focus Elements, you will learn how to create combinations that highlight each, and how they can be incorporated into a choreography. For example in shape focus, I combine foot positions and arm poses to create shapes and then work on transitioning between. We then build on the shapes incorporating other Focus Elements such as Muscle Focus or Turn Focus.

The Challenge sections

At the end of each Focus Element video, there are some challenges (or homework) for dancers to complete that assists in integrating the material they have just learnt! A hash tag can be used that allows us to all see each others creations- so keep a look out! #bellydanceblueprintchallenge

**If you wish to recieve a certificate of certification for completing the course, you will be required to send me links (or tag me on social media) from your Challenge homework for each Focus Element. Please email me for more information on this.

Easily accessible online videos to view at any time

All of the HD videos are hosted on the Vimeo platform on a secure membership site that you will have access to any time you like- for life!

Level One & Level Two

There are two levels to the Blueprint, level one and level two. The main differences are that level two includes more arm patterns and foot patterns and the level is more challenging. Teacher training (online and in person) is also available, so please contact me for more info.


The Blueprint Layer cards

A 'layer card' template will be provided that allows dancers to create their own 'Bellydance blueprint layer card deck'. These layer cards are a fantastic way to add fun, unpredictability in your practice and a useful tool to unlock creative energy when feeling stuck.

Why I created the course

* I love to inspire dancers to feel empowered through creating their own work and developing their skills in crafting choreography that feels perfect in their body.

*I love to support dancers who find it hard getting to regular class and want to feel more motivated and inspired.

*I love sharing new ways to practice which is fun, unpredictable and focuses on continuous growth.


  • q-iconWhat level dancer are the lessons designed for?

    There are Two levels to The BellyDance BluePrint. It is recommended that you have had at lease one years belly dance experience. Dancers at any level will find value in the training.

    I go through clear instruction on all of the “ingredients”, except for the muscle isolations. I drill each isolation one at a time but do not break them down, so if you would like more instruction on these, i suggest you work on the material from my other course ‘Belly Bliss’ (you can add this onto the BD blueprint as a package deal). The Belly Bliss course explains basic isolations and combinations which will help to prepare you for the Blueprint.

  • q-iconCan i teach the format/formula

    I am happy for you to teach ‘some’ concepts from the formula (with credit given), however if you would like to teach the entire BluePrint, teacher training is the next step for you. You will need to have completed Level One prior to teacher training. Please check out the teacher training link in the main menu.

  • q-iconIs the course designed for only tribal fusion dancers?

    The style is mostly influenced by tribal fusion, however you can easily apply the concepts to oriental style. A previous oriental student mentioned that she incorporated her own oriental “ingredients” and applied the process, and she found it to be a fantastic approach.

  • q-iconIs there a set time frame the course goes for?

    No. The beauty of the course is that you can go at your own pace, with access to the videos for life (with no ongoing monthly fees). For those who like a bit of structure, i will be posting weekly videos on the main membership page that students can follow along with.

  • q-iconHow do i access the course, are videos downloadable?

    Once payment has been processed you will be emailed information on username and password to access the course. After logging in, you will be in a private ‘membership’ site where all videos are available in an easy format. You will need internet connection to view videos and they are currently not downloadable. There is 17 hours of footage, so I’m looking at creating downloadable options further down the track if people are keen for it!

  • q-iconIs there a payment plan?

    Please email me if you would like to make payment in a few instalments.

What others have been saying...

"I'm really enjoying working through the blueprint! It's very helpful and I feel I am already beginning to get inspiration as to how I can structure my own personal practice in terms of developing my own dance vocabulary. I have completed the level one muscle focus and have completed my first challenge. I would like to take the blueprint certificate and I am also interested in teacher training!"


"I lurved Acushla's Blueprint workshops! It got me more 'in my head' creatively- which i was reluctant to do cos i thought creativity should come from the heart and soul, not he mind...but i was wrong! (it flows from all three!) : ) The process in this training helped me expand my creativity- and they still do! Totes recommend!!!"


"I have spent the afternoon familiarizing myself with The Blueprint, Love it and can not wait until tomorrow to get stuck in. Thank you for the payment plan, it was easy to follow and made payment easy to achieve. Have just printed my layer cards to play with and set little challenges for my daily dance workout"


"I just completed the first two ingredients videos, and I'm loving it so far! I've always needed work with my arms and footwork!”


“Special thanks to Acushla, what a wonderful course and I just love the finishing touches to my choreo today”


5 stars “Thoroughly enjoyed the bellydance blue print intensive. It was very clear & very valuable for learning to choreograph as well as highlighting your strengths and weaknesses. Acushla was fantastic! Thank you very much :)” 


“The Blueprint formula has given me more tools and pushes me to learn and grow” 


"Thanks so much i feel more confident to experiment with choreography now!"


Here Is What You Get When You Get Started Today...

Course Content

1) A complete immersion into the ‘science’ of creating tribal fusion choreography that feels authentic to you!

 you can expect plenty of:

Drills, combinations, variations, demonstrations & challenge sections!

2) Easy to follow formula that you can apply to any choreographic piece.

3) A fantastic teaching tool that provides fun, creativity and structure to your curriculum, keeping the students inspired and empowered.

4) A structured format which will trigger many “ah ha” moments!

5) You will become an inspired Creatrix where you will become the source of your own inspiration 

6) A gateway to feeling confident with expanding your movement abilities and transforming your own style!

7) A thorough exploration into the 5 Focus Elements of Belly Dance.

8) Step by step instruction on how to put together your own combinations and choreography.

9) Fun and creative learning tools plus plenty of support along the way!

10) An opportunity to create your own choreography applying the formula, and therefore attaining certification.

Money Back Guarantee!

I am so confident that you will be satisfied with the lessons that I am offering a 14 day money back guarantee- so you take no risk!

Flexible. Affordable. Online


  • 17 hours of Video tutorials

    A total of 21 Videos filmed in High Definition

  • Learn how to Choreograph

    Step by step tuition on how to create unique versatile movement

  • Support Along The Way

    Email correspondence with quick replies to any questions


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  • 7.5 hours of HD video
  • 11 instructional videos
  • Lifetime access


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  • 17 hours of HD video
  • 21 instructional videos
  • Lifetime access
  • Ongoing support through email correspondence


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The Bellydance blueprint Level 1 & 2


‘Belly Bliss Online Course’ (perfect for the beginner with a focus on muscle isolations)


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