• Acushla Mkrtschjan

    Hey! Im a professional belly dancer and Body Balance teacher, based in Adelaide South Australia. I offer Online belly dance classes for beginner to Intermediate levels in tribal fusion belly dance, as well as a range of specialty online lessons and workshops!


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The structure of the dance training is excellent, with a constant flow of material for practice and contemplation, together with inspiring tit bits of inspiration and information. As a training, I would give it a rating of 5 stars.

Lyndell Slocombe, Australia

If we had a rating system, I would say 5 stars. Reasons.... I have had several email conversation which I always received a prompt, helpful and polite response. I had an issue with the DVDs which was taken care of immediately. As far as online class content.... I feel like everything is explained very well and I like the practice sessions. I have been going thru the info in my order but I do like how emails are sent out each week setting up a curriculum. The additional downloads of info has really been helpful and of course the fb group adds to it. I came very close to not taking these online classes. In glad I did.

Kari Pape, United States